How it works

Show off what makes you, you

Tell us where you’re looking and why you’d be a great flatmate. Share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. If you’re a group of friends or family looking together you can do this from a single listing. Pets and photos of your furry friends are encouraged too!

Making searching for your new snug easy

We show flats that match, but we share much more than just a room and a price. You’ll also see photos and key details about existing flatmates to help you find flats you’ll really click with.

All your rooms in one place

Build a shortlist of potential flats and rooms that take your fancy before deciding who to send an enquiry to.

Put your best foot forward

Send enquiries to flats and rooms that want to apply for. We’ll attach your photo and key information you’ve shared about yourself. Responses go directly to your email inbox.

Let flats come to you

Existing flats can browse flatmates looking for a room in their local area. Enquiries you receive will include a photo and any key information they’ve chosen to share.