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Love your flat

Flatting can either be the best or worst time of your life. Don't just settle for any old roof over your head. nzflatmates helps you find a place you'll love to live by matching you with people you're likely to get along with.

Know your flatmates

We ask the awkward questions so you don't have to. See everything you need to know about your new flatmates including age, gender, employment, sexuality, religious background, hobbies and more. We can even show a photo and point you to their Facebook page.

Share with friends

Connect with Facebook and get the word out to friends that you're looking for a flat or flatmate. We make it easy to go flatting with friends (or friends of friends) and build a flat with people you trust.

They said...

“Great website, very easy to use and found a housemate very quickly! Would def recommend to others. Friend is house-hunting currently so am going to put her on to this site tomorrow. Many thanks :)”

Sarah - July 2018

“I like that people looking for flats have profiles so I can check out their details first too”

Ben - July 2018

“MUCH better than easyroommate or trademe. Great service”

Ben - July 2018

“Awesome as per usual. Lots of interest, my circumstances just changed unexpectedly so found a friend to fill my room.”

Ella - July 2018