Rooms & Property you can advertise

nzflatmates is primarily about listing empty rooms that are available in existing flats, however we support other listing types too.

Room in a homestay

If you're willing to provide meals for flatmates you may wish to consider placing a homestay listing. It's generally expected that with a homestay meals are provided and you should make it clear in your listing description if this includes breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Empty rental property

If you're a landlord or property manager you can list an empty rental property. You can specify attributes about the property and its availability but we don't include any information about flatmates. You can list and manage multiple properties from a single account.

Commercial property

If you operate a backpackers, hostel or commercial student accommodation you can use nzflatmates to advertise your business. On your listing it's made clear that your property is not private accommodation and it's possible to advertise multiple rooms and multiple properties from one account.

Authored by Dylan Bland on 14 Jul 2021. Last updated 4 Jan 2022 9:48:57 pm.