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Chapman Street
Private Room in Grey Lynn
$175 / wk
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 flatmate
Medium size room
listed 6 days ago
Available now
Stay duration at least 1 month
no bond
Suitable for
  • Suitable for Children
  • Suitable for Couples
  • Pets are allowed
  • Suitable for Smokers
  • Room & common areas are not accessible

Suitable for

  • Suitable for Children
  • Suitable for Couples
  • Pets are allowed
  • Suitable for Smokers
  • Room & common areas are not accessible
About the flat

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. You are minutes away from Ponsonby, K'Rd, and the city. Ample buses to the city and elsewhere. I can offer a secure undercover parking space and if you prefer to bike there are bike lanes all around this area. There is a Countdown supermarket within walking distance. Western Park (also called Tuna Mau) is near by and is perfect for walking dogs, getting fit or relaxing on a sunny day. The trees are large and old and the park is well maintained. The area is fairly crime free because we all keep an eye out on each other and I would say the commerce /retail and restaurants in this area, are healthier and better patronised, than in the CBD itself. Even so, If I am not playing music or watching a film, the place is eerily quiet (like double glazed).

About the room

The room is carpeted and has a built in wardrobe, with sliding doors. I have provided a double bed, a book-case and some drawers. There are windows for fresh air and also a ceiling fan build in, should you wish to suck out old air or smoke. Most importantly the room comes with its OWN BATHROOM - with shower, toilet and vanity. Also included is a laundry with a washer - dryer. If you need bedding (i.e. if you are a traveller) I can provide that and there are ample towels etc. Should you wish to work from home at times, it would be possible to set up a desk of your own but you will get no direct sunlight - just window light and overhead lights. It is on the southwestern side of the apartment. However, the oil heater I have provided is very powerful and the room becomes like a sauna if you have it on high!!! - so no worries about damp rooms.

Preferred flatmate

Ideally you are a gay or gay-friendly male. I prefer intelligent people who will respect me and my ways. If you can give me the control over music in the lounge, I will be happy. I also couldn't live with someone who watches Tv in the communal area in the daytime. What you do in your room is your own business. As I mentioned before - you need to be out of the house for ,say, three days of the working week. I could not live in the same space, all the time, with anyone (with the exception of God!) I would prefer not to live with someone who brought a multitude of partners through. Having said that, you are free to sleep with whomever... just introduce me at some point! If you behave like a caring adult. you will get treated like one. Just one thing...ganga - no problem, in moderation, but NO P users and NO alcoholics.

Shared amenities & furnishings
Fibre Broadband
Washing machine
Clothes drier
Street parking
Garage parking
In the room
Bed in room
Wardrobe in room
Drawers in room
Meet the flatmates

Hi Flatmate, I am a qualified musician and music teacher. I rent this apartment in Auckland's CBD fringe for a discounted rate so I am passing part of the discount onto you. The market rental is over $500 pw. but I am only wanting $175 pw from you. I am currently seeking different kinds of work and so I am at home a fair bit during the day. I am looking for a flatmate who leaves the house to work at least three days of the working week. I am a bit of a night owl and watch DVDs at night. I have just joined a gym and like to keep fit, although after surgery and being 63yo, I have some catching up to do! I like learning foreign languages so tourists are also welcome. I like cooking. I also belong to a tramping group. I am Single, I am Gay (as far as I can tell!) I smoke rollies but only slipped back into smoking because of Covid. I am an intelligent person and I believe in God - although my religion is personal - no label. I care about what happens in N Z and around the world. I feel that I have been blessed with this place and have a responsibility to share that by renting out the spare room. My photo is a New Year's Eve one so I look a bit out of it. Don't worry about that. I pay the bills on time and keep the place hygenic , if not perfect! I look forward to making your acquaintance.

between gigs
vaccinated for COVID-19

Chapman Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021