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Up to $350/week added on 19 Dec
Looking in: Wellington
25, Female, Working, Other ethnicity, Straight

Hey, I'm Shaika (pronounced 'shy-ka' :D).

I've been in Wellington for 19-ish years now and would love to live near walking distance to the CBD where I work.
I'm looking for an all girls flat and I'd like to move in between the end of February to the end of April 2021.

My lifestyle, in a nutshell, is:
- I stay over at my mates 2 nights a week (we do dnd and movie marathon etc into the night so I usually just stay at theirs)
- I do all my social activities outside the house and retreat back to my room to recharge myself. I'm keen on chats but I usually keep to myself. I am very shy!
- I usually do cleaning and cooking on the weekends.
- I like staying active so I'm frequently going out (don't be surprised if you don't see me for a while!)
- I'm fine with cats but not dogs (slightly scared of them).
- I don't smoke or drink (but am keen on Redbull, lime and bitters, and mango kombucha).
- I can sleep through surprisingly a lot of noise.

More about me:
I work full-time as a software developer.
I like video games, movies/tv/anime, painting, board games, books/manga, and coffee.
I'll bring with me a desk, electronics, 5 small succulent plants for my room, and a queen-sized mattress.
I can provide flatting references.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

I will bring: Xbox

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