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Up to $225/week added on 27 Oct
Looking in: Auckland
70, Female, No religion, European, Straight

I am an European/NZ citizen, retired professional, female, international lawyer. I've been here for 22 years.

My age is deceptive. My thinking and ability to adapt is significantly younger than my biological age.
My two best friends are 36 and 50 years old.

I like living with a professional(s) in his/her/their home who is/are kind, and has a good sense of humor.
Who can tolerate sarcasm. I do and tolerate it very well.
I work......(I translate from English to Hungarian, and I have a few mandates in my profession, too).
I am a good cook.

I don’t want to convince anyone that I’m the best flat mate in the world,
but I am friendly, reliable, kind, patient, a little bit deconcentrated (birth defect..... hehe.....)

I am looking for a flatmate? I'm not looking, I can find it.

...........Thanks for your time, Susan

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