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Matthew James

Up to $250/week added on 8 Sep
Looking in: Wellington
28, Male, Working, Vegan, No religion, NZ European

Hey I'm Matthew!

I'm 28 years old(29 in October), have a beautiful dog named Ellie and we're currently living in Invercargill. My goal is to move to Wellington so I can be closer to my partner and really good friends. Wellington is an amazingly beautiful city and suits myself and my lifestyle perfectly. I'm hoping to live in or near Karori.

My friends tell me I'm a good natured person. I get along with everybody and really enjoy getting to know people. I have plenty of experience living with other people and have no problem with keeping my spaces tidy. A clean environment is good for the soul. I've lived in Invercargill, Dunedin and Melbourne!

I love to get my hands dirty and love being in the garden. I have a passion for vegetable gardening but I've recently opened up to flowers and trees and all aspects of gardening and property maintenance. I'm currently working as a gardener in Invercargill and would love to find work in Wellington that involved gardening. This should be easy considering how green Wellington is! I'm also a handyman so if there are things that need done around the house I can usually do it. I love mowing lawns, trimming back trees and bushes and looking after garden spaces. I see them as a sanctuary for the soul.

I'm a very musical person and have been playing guitar for about 12 years now but love trying all sorts of instruments. You'll often here me playing and singing and I've just began writing my own music. You'll often catch me singing in the shower too. I love all types of music and can listen to anything happily. I'm interested in it all!

I've been vegan for years but I don't mind other people living how they choose. I just hope to be able to cook and share a vegan meal with you occasionally! My friends also tell me I'm a great cook! I love cooking all sorts of dishes but curries are a favourite of mine!

My dog Ellie is gorgeous! She's very well behaved as I've been lucky to spend plenty of time with her. She's a big sweetheart and loves to cuddle up on the couch and sleep in bed with me. She's about 27 kg but short so a medium sized dog. She's 7 years old, fixed, micro-chipped and registered of course. She loves chasing anything that's throwable. Loves going for walks and being at the beach and loves people far more than any other animals. She's very responsive to commands and will listen to you if you need her to do something. She's short haired also so I never have a problem with there being much dog hair around. You'll fall in love with her!

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, please feel free to ask! I'm very open about myself and my circumstances and don't have a problem with curiosity and inquisitiveness! Please get in touch!

I will bring: Bed

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