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Up to $250/week added on 31 Jul
Looking in: Wellington
22, Female

I am a tidy, friendly and social person who appreciates down time so I would suit both an extroverted flat and folks who prefer to keep a mellow vibe in the house.

I'm very independent so would also love to find a nice studio apartment to rent alone.

I clean up after myself and enjoy cooking flat meals here and there. By default I am happy to cook for myself. I do have one pet, an adult cat, but she is house trained, quiet and does not hunt (so there is no worrying about her bringing in and leaving "presents" for you to find/deal with)

I have a degree in Performing Arts so I have a deep love for all things creative and love watching/discussing films, TV shows, comedy shows and other events with others. I'm fairly laid back but would love to vibe with my potential housemates.

My current budget allows for $200-$250 per week but these figures may increase over the next few weeks.

Please email me at if you think I may be a good fit for your flat!

I will bring: TV, PlayStation

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