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Looking in: Wellington
25, Male, Student, No religion, European, Bisexual

Hello all,

May I begin by extending my sincere gratitude for your viewing of my profile.

By means of introduction, I previously undertook undergraduate study at Victoria University in 2013, continuing until mid-2015. Regrettably, as a consequence of mental health concerns, I was compelled to forgo my studies; lamentably departed Wellington thereafter. During the intervening years, I have come to appreciate the specific nature of my mental health issues (anxiety and depression). Agreeably, as a consequence of professional assistance and personal endeavour, said afflictions have notably subsided, and I am able to earnestly contemplate the resumption of my studies.

Provisionally, I aspire to sojourn to Wellington circa. February 2020. Concurrently, I would recommence my academic pursuits at Victoria. Said pursuits constitute a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and International Relations. In the fullness of time, my ultimate intention is to undertake postgraduate research, relevant to either of the aforementioned disciplines. Currently, merely returning to Wellington would constitute a truly exhilarating and empowering experience.

Beyond academic endeaours, I exhibit a predilection for reading, engaging conversation, and gaming. Additionally, I am an avid Chess player; an activity one hopes to continue in Wellington. Essentially, any form of scholastic undertaking shall invariably inspire my interest.

At the present juncture, it may be prudent to note that I also suffer from several physical disabilities. Most notably, a moderate visual impairment and ancillary mobility difficulties. Fortuitously, neither represent unduly debilitating afflictions. Moreover, informed by experience, I am able to effectively mitigate the more deleterious impacts of said disabilities.

Given the above information, one would welcome an opportunity to reside with one or two individuals, who exhibit mature and positive dispositions. Although not essential, postgraduate students would be ideal. Without wishing to impose, it would be preferable to forgo a purely transactional and ‘alienating’ relationship. Rather, one hopes to locate flatmates desiring of more direct and meaningful interactions. Stated simply, to facilitate mutual personal and emotional support, it would be exceptional to form a genuine and endearing friendship with fellow lodgers.

Regarding geography, circumstances permitting, one hopes to reside within close proximity to Victoria’s Kelburn campus. To this end, notwithstanding a degree of flexibility, I am primarily pursuing lodgings within the immediate vicinity of Kelburn.

It may be prudent to note that I am bisexual and, when contemplating prospective flatmates, exhibit no preference (or prejudice) regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. One would hope to reside in an accepting and affirming situation.

My general ignorance and inexperience regarding flatting, supplemented by the previously discussed mental health concerns, manifests a modicum of trepidation. However, within a mutually supportive and inclusive environment, I would hopefully exhibit the requisite confidence to resume my studies.

Should my profile prove intriguing, please do not hesitate to make contact. One would welcome an opportunity to converse with like-minded individuals.



I will bring: Bed, TV, Xbox

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