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Up to $230/week added on 7 Dec
Looking in: Auckland
37, Female, Student, NZ European

I am a mature person who's currently working full-time but will (hopefully) soon be starting new study (thus becoming a student again). I have rented all of my adult life and am used to being responsible for cleaning all of my flat, doing my own dinner etc (although I can cook the occasional group dinner if needed).

I also pay my rent on time and have had very good landlord reviews.

I started out studying history, politics and psychology.... then I moved to education. I'm currently a qualified Early Childhood teacher (teaching children aged 2-5) and have been since 2005 but I have been in the Education sector since 2003 (teacher aiding special needs children at primary and intermediate school before that). I am hoping to make a career change to becoming a Vet Nurse. I am good with both children (of all ages) and animals (including cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, birds, etc).

I love both urban and the countryside. I am willing to consider anywhere in Manukau, Papakura or Franklin that would be a good fit. Flatmates/tenants? I am happy with all age groups, working or student. But I do come with a cat....

I own a mature (7 yrs) house-trained cat who's so tidy she only uses one corner of her litter tray and never misses! She's very well behaved and friendly but prefers humans over other pets. Her name is Morgana (colour: tortoiseshell, breed: persian ragdoll). She is my fur-baby and best friend.

I am out of the home generally at least 30 hours a week (eg work/study/volunteering.) Although I can be sociable, when I am home I generally keep to myself watching TV, movies, reading or drawing. I am also a honest, reflective and sensitive person. Faults? I have a quiet tourette's like hum I can't get rid of, and sometimes social parties make me anxious. I don't drink alcohol or smoke but I do take inhaler (asthma) and antihistamines (hayfever).

On visitors, I might get the occasional visit from that's probably it.

What I currently have: Bed, bedside drawers, chest of drawers, two desks, laptop and printer (with Neon subscription), washing machine, bookshelf, sofa-bed, TV, DVD player, more shelves, coffee table, kitchen & laundry & bathroom items, art supplies, Book/DVD/CD library, portable washing line, fridge, microwave, Christmas tree, etc +
cat-scratchers, cat bed, cat litter tray, cat bowl and cat toys.
I could auction stuff off but that's what I have at the moment.

I will bring: Bed, Couch, TV, DVD player, Broadband Internet, Microwave, Fridge, Washing machine

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