About nzflatmates

nzflatmates is 100% New Zealand-owned and was launched way back in December 2001 to help Kiwis find better flats and flatmates. In the past 17 years we've signed up over 300,000 members including both New Zealanders and many people moving to New Zealand for the first time.

We built nzflatmates because we believe that going flatting has the potential to be one of the greatest experiences of your life, and that it's actually your flatmates – not the four walls around you – that makes the experience special.

We've put a lot of effort into making flatmates a huge part of your experience using nzflatmates. Unlike other flatting sites that focus narrowly on the room and how much rent you'll pay, we encourage our members to include the names, photos and basic personal information about potential flatmates so you can get a real feel for who you'll be living with. We think this saves time, avoids awkward conversations and ultimately results in much better flats.

We want nzflatmates to remain New Zealand's #1 flatting site, so if you have feedback or questions we'd love to hear from you.