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Acacia Road, Torbay

$220 per week added on 15 Oct
Location: Auckland
Rooms: 5 bedrooms
Flatmates: 4 other flatmates
Parking: Street parking

Hello -
We are a small quiet family looking for an independent boarder. Ideally a quiet, tidy person who is either a busy professional or a working student.
Everyone here is a very involved in a positive way in their work or school. I am interested in flatmates that are also doing work or schooling that they love and are excited about. I would like to keep the energy of the house very positive.
There is one room available -
A furnished room with a Queen sized bed and chest of drawers.
This room gets afternoon sun.
This shares a bathroom with one other housemate.
There is also a separate lounge for reading or computer work.
The house has fibre and the room has an ethernet cable threaded through the wall which gets about 100 down 20 up. Separate 5 and 2.4Ghz wifi channels.

No pets, No smoking

We will provide: Bed, Couch, TV, Broadband Internet, Microwave, Fridge, Washing machine, Clothes drier

We are looking for: Female, Age 19-99.

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    Female, Working.

    Land- Lady Teacher/Interested in Swimming and fitness Kind, caring , helpful person Enjoys Comedy/Documentaries

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    Flatmate #2

    19, Female, Working.

    Works at Chocolate Cafe/ Interested in Photography

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    Flatmate #3

    15, Male.

    Gamer/Student Interests in History/Maths/computer Programming

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    Flatmate #4

    47, Female, Working.

    Likes Wildlife especially birds. Works part time as a Rangitoto College support staff